Promises, Promises

Premasagar Rose, @premasagar, Dharmafly
Aaron Acerboni, @aaronacerboni, School of Life

Async – 9th February, 2012
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Make a request...

... wait... (get on with something else)...

... get a response.

Do something with the response.

Ajax, a quick recap

var url = "",
    xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", url, true);
xhr.onreadystatechange = function(event){
  if (xhr.readyState === 4) { // request complete
    if (xhr.status === 200) { // done
    else { // fail

Ajax, in jQuery

jQuery.ajax(url, {
  success: function(data){}, // done
  error: function(){}        // fail

jQuery has numerous Ajax helper functions, .get(), .getJSON(), .post(), etc.

So far, so good

Multiple requests, tangled mess

If many requests are required, e.g. to render an interface, you get chaos.

Too tightly coupled

var counter = 0, numRequests = 10;

jQuery.ajax(url1, {
  success: function(data){
    counter += 1;
    if (counter === numRequests){
  error: onError

jQuery.ajax(url2, {

  // etc ...

Multiple requests

The promise of Promises


An object that can be interacted with, while waiting for the result of an action.

May be in one of the 3 states:

  • unfulfilled
  • fulfilled
  • failed

The promise may only move from unfulfilled to fulfilled
or unfulfilled to failed.

then method

then(fulfilledHandler, errorHandler, progressHandler);

jQuery's Ajax methods now return promises

var promise = jQuery.get(url);

  .then(doneCallback1, errorCallback1)
  .then(doneCallback2, errorCallback2)
  .then(doneCallback3, errorCallback3);

You can use them with jQuery's animation too (see later, in the demos).

Make a Promise

jQuery.Deferred() creates deferreds - a superset of promises that control the promise state.

// Create deferred
var deferred = jQuery.Deferred(),
    promise = deferred.promise();

// App modules subscribe to the promise

// ...later, the deferred completes
if (foo){
else {

Report progress

You can also notify a promise of progress.

var deferred = jQuery.Deferred(),
    promise = deferred.promise();




jQuery.when pools multiple promises

Pool multiple promises together, return a single, master promise.

var deferred1 = jQuery.Deferred(),
    deferred2 = jQuery.Deferred(),
    deferred3 = jQuery.Deferred();

// Pass deferreds or promises to jQuery.when
var masterPromise = jQuery.when(deferred1, deferred2, deferred3);

  // etc


If all promises resolve, the master resolves.

If one promise fails, the master fails.

Progress notifications on the promises bubble up to the master.

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Premasagar Rose, @premasagar, Dharmafly
Aaron Acerboni, @aaronacerboni, School of Life

Async – 9th February, 2012
Repo for demos and